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Dental Floss

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Don't forget to floss AND you can do it without producing any waste. This biodegradable floss comes in a reusable glass jar so you can refill it when you run out. No more single use plastic dental floss holders! 

  • Biodegradable Floss
  • Mint Flavored
  • Reusable glass jar with floss cutter top.
  • Made of natural corn silk 
  • 98ft of floss per bundle
  • Bottle is made of glass.
  • Average flosser uses 18" per flossing. So, there are approximately 65 flossings in one bundle. 


  • Jar with White Mint Floss
  • Jar with Charcoal Mint Floss
  • Refill Only of White Mint Floss in cornstarch wrapper
  • Refill Only of Charcoal Mint Floss
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