About Us

Refillism is an eco-friendly zero waste brand, store, and online shop based in York, Pennsylvania. With customers all around the U.S., Refillism is part of a movement to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and to be environmentally conscious with every purchase. We want to make eco-homes the standard, not the exception. 

Refillism is led by its founder, Elizabeth Bower, who formed the company with the aim of creating a shopping experience with quality, natural, eco-friendly, zero waste, refillable, and reusable products.  

From your kitchen to your bathroom.

Our products keep your home squeaky clean and your body pampered with as little plastic as possible. Our refill concept and no-plastic shipping process keeps our earth front and center. We also work hard to provide as many products that are: 

 🌱 All Natural 

🌿 Plant-Based 

⛔️ Chemical, Vapor, and Chemical Free 

🌎 100% Biodegradable 

🐶 Non-toxic to people and pets 

🐁 Cruelty Free 

🇺🇸 Made in America  

Shop Zero Waste
  • Reducing

    Reducing the amount of products we buy (beauty, household, & well....everything). Purchase intentionally, bringing only things of value and use into our lives.

  • Reusing

    Reuse what you have or what others no longer need or use. Help lower the amount of waste and plastic on earth by reusing bottles, jars, pouches, and bags.

  • Refilling

    Refill our consumable products. Instead of purchasing new goods and new containers every time, refill existing containers. This will help reduce waste and our overall carbon footprint.

  • Rethinking

    Every environmentally friendly action, no matter how small, makes a difference. We aim to help people think about their environmental footprint here on earth and rethink how they live and consume.

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

—Margaret Mead

Meet the Founder

Having spent most of my career in the commercial furniture industry as an interior designer, it quickly became clear to me that I needed to do more. As a mom of two and an eco enthusiast, I’ve always been passionate about the impact we have on the planet. I’ve had an ever growing awareness of how our present day purchasing habits and use of everyday products have a huge impact on our planet….our family’s future home. So, I began to look at the future of our everyday household goods industry: cleaning products, beauty products, household goods, cleaning supplies, beauty supplies and the millions of choices we have for these items. After thinking about the fast growth of these items and how much pressure we put on the planet to produce, use, and then discard them, it became clear that THIS is where I could make a difference. Helping others make eco-friendly lifestyle changes.

At Refillism, we want to change the future of everyday household products and lead the industry in sustainable thinking. We not only provide refillable and reusable products that put the environment first, we also curate products that are aesthetically beautiful and thoughtfully simplistic. Refillism is focused on the future and we are excited to share the lifestyle of reducing, reusing, refilling, and rethinking with you. Join us in making a difference and helping our planet.

Elizabeth Bower
Founder & CEO