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Menstrual Cup by Saalt

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The Saalt Cup is a reusable, soft, silicone cup that collects rather than absorbs your period. Strong, safe, comfortable, good for you and the Earth...there‚Äôs a lot to love! It gives you the freedom to live your element, whatever it may be! Saalt Cup users call it life changing‚Äďtheir words, and we totally agree.

  • 12 hours of protection
  • Saves you over $1,000
  • Lasts up to 10 years
  • Chemical and toxin free
  • Maintains healthy pH
  • Comfortable
  • Caste free
  • Made in the USA

Size Options:

  • Regular: Normal to heavy flow (3‚Äď4 tampons), High-capacity, High cervix¬†
  • Small: Light to normal flow (2-3 tampons), First-time users and 18 years or older, Low cervix.
Color Options: Ocean Blue, Desert Blush, Mist Grey, Mountain Iris

Material Options:

  • Regular: Physically active, strong pelvic floor, and first time cup users.¬†
  • Soft: Issues with Bladder pressure, difficulty peeing or pooping with your cup in, vaginal sensitivity, increased cramping, and experiences cup users.¬†
More Details:
  • Two Sizes: Small and Regular
  • No Seams.¬†Smooth insertion. Cryogenic deflashing process shows a commitment to detail and quality.
  • 100% Medical-grade silicone. No BPA. No toxins. No latex. No chemicals.
    Only FDA-tested silicone.
  • Soft and subtle grip rings help with easy removal without compromising comfort.
  • Bulb shaped.¬†Two contact points, plus an inherently stronger design mean a
    better seal and no leaks.
  • No tabs, rubbing or irritating, Easy to bend. Easy to clean.

How to Use: Click Here for Instructions

Care Instructions:ÔĽŅÔĽŅ¬†Wash thoroughly using hot water and a mild soap. Avoid strong cleaners or anything that may irritate your skin.¬†

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