Refillism Feature: WITF News Climate Series Part 7, "Speak Up"

Refillism Feature: WITF News Climate Series Part 7, "Speak Up"

Hanna Leach



For the last part of their climate series, WITF News discusses ways to share about climate change within your community!

One thing they suggest is to encourage business owners to join the climate movement. You could do this by emailing your favorite grocery or clothing stores, asking them what they’re doing to be sustainable. You could even give them a few examples of simple eco-friendly things they could implement, like nixing their plastic bags at check-out stands. This is a more big-picture, corporate level way to promote sustainable living in your hometown.

Narrowing it down to the individual level, discussing global warming with friends and family also helps you to develop an eco-minded community. Garry Filliam Jr, the founder and chief executive officer of The Bridge Eco-Village, suggests building environmental ‘teams.’ Joining or volunteering at a local organization that is earth-conscious will provide a social network that encourages you to pursue your passions surrounding nature. This could look like joining a community garden, initiating trash clean-ups in a city park, or volunteering at recycling centers like the CRDC in York.

Natasha Sood is a great example of someone who gathered a small group of like-minded people and began to make changes that shifted entire curriculums in medical schools across the US. A graduated medical student, Sood cofounded Medical Students for a Sustainable Future. This organization was the sole reason Penn State now offers a course on climate change for their med students. It’s stories like these that show how much positive influence you can have within your community!

Lastly, WITF News encourages everyone to vote for the politicians who will look after our earth. No matter your political views, climate change affects everyone!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of feature articles that Refillism has put out on the WITF News climate series. Please go give them a follow, and if you haven’t already, check out the rest of our articles covering different actions you can take to 'go green' in your everyday life.


What can I do about climate change? Part 7: Speak Up. WITF News.

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