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Dual Sided Wood Comb

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Natural wood pocket comb great for all hair types. The dual-sided tooth spacing allows you to have multiple uses with one comb...keeping your grooming minimal and functional.  Comb beard hair on one side and the locks on top of your head with the other side. 

  • Dual Sided - one side is fine toothed and the other is coarse. 
  • Great for travel, pockets, and purses. 
  • Can be used for hair on your head, beard hair, any hair, even pet hair. 
  • 2.24" x 3.54"
  • Made of green sandalwood
  • Due to the natural nature of the material, each comb will vary in color and graining.

Care Instructions: A unique phenomenon of green sandalwood is after a period of time, white silk will appear on the wood due to it being in natural air. Simply clean it with warm water and it will become bright and new again.

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